TINKAN's Place on the Web
Dion and I share allot of common interest which is what makes us the best of friends. Here
are a few of our common interest which you will find on the web site.
SCUBA Diving
Photography (Dion's passion)
The Web site (Overview of new website construction)

Right now the site is going through a total rework and will be under construction for a while
as I figure out how to make a photo server for all of Dion's pictures.

Please use the buttons on the left side of the page to navigate around the website. Please
also keep checking back often as I will be adding new content over the next few weeks as I
build the pages. I will be redoing several of the old pages that were on the old site as I like
the data that they contained.

Thank you for the patients and understanding as this site grows.

Welcome to our little place on the Internet. We have tried to place some information here to
enable you to get know who we are and what we like or do not like. We also provide a
glimpse into some of our dreams for the future with where we would like to retire.
This is the web page for Keith and Dion.
It is also the place our families, friends can visit.
Our Roatan Home
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The current time and date where we live is
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Enjoying life
Restaurants (Keith's passion)
Retirement fund. Any donations will only be
utilized for my retirement.